Area of Expertise

        Well Head Control Panels For Production Wells, Gas Compressors Controls & Packaging Sectionalizing Valves Modules, Anti-Surge Controls For Gas Compressors.


        Measurement Equipment and Systems for Oil, Gas and LNG Industry Including Flow Meters, Flow Computers and Other Accessories for Pipelines.


        Loading & Unloading Arms for Truck and Marine Applications.


        Piggable System for Lube Oil and Chemical Parts.


        Terminal Automation Systems.


        Conductor Pipes, Casing &Tubing.


        Anchor Handling Tug Supply Vessels.


        Marine Navigational Aids.


        Tank Designers and Seals for Floating Roof Tanks.


        Tank Gauging and System Tank Accessories by Tank Indicator, Float Gauge, Servo Gauge, Radar Gauge and Hydrostatic Gauge.


        Heat Exchangers, Condenser, Vacuum Equipments and Screw Compressors.


        Internal Corrosion Monitoring Equipment.


        Tank Protection Equipment (Flame Arresters, Breather Valves, Gauge Hatch and Emergency Relieve Valves).


What We Do

We can provide: Measurement Solutions for Gas, Oil and LNG. Wellhead Control Panels. Large sizes Conductor pipes and Casing Tank Gauging and System Tank Accessories.

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Oiltech, founded in 1980, is a group of engineers operating in the field of technical representations and supplies, serv...

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