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Acergy is a seabed-to-surface engineering and construction contractor to the offshore oil and gas industry worldwide. Acergy provides integrated services and plans, designs and delivers complex projects in harsh and challenging environments.


Acergy divides its business into principal areas of operation: Subsea Umbilical Risers and Flowlines (SURF), Inspection, Maintenance, Repair (IMR) and Survey, as well as Conventional Field Development, including revamping & hook-up activities. Acergy supports operations in these areas with a highly versatile fleet of ships, in water depths from ultra deep to shallow water, and a range of additional services.


Acergy operates internationally as one group sharing expertise and experience to create innovative solutions and concentrates on providing services that add value for clients throughout the lifecycle of their offshore oil and gas fields.





FMC Technologies Measurement Solutions Inc.

Equipment: Meters / Provers / Metering Systems.

Liquid and Gas Measurement systems:

FMC has designed premium custody transfer systems for a variety of applications:


* Liquid metering systems range from relatively small liquid production LACT

     Units to huge crude export facilities.
* Gas metering capabilities include systems for productions wells, fuel gas metering

     For power generation, large-scale pipeline transportation, regasification terminals,

     Border stations, gas supply grids, and city gate metering facilities.

* FMC has designed and completed more FSO metering facilities than any other

     Company in the world.


Liquid Measurements:

Metering products:


-        Smith Meter® Positive-Displacement Meters.

-        Smith Meter®and Sening® tank truck metering products and packages.

-        Smith Meter® Guardsman, MVTM and Sentry turbine meters.

-        Smith Meter®S-Mass™ and Apollo™ Series Coriolis Meters.

-        Smith Meter®Ultra6™ ultrasonic flowmeter.


Automation and controls:


-        Smith Meter® Accuload®.

-        Smith Meter®™.

-        Smith Meter®™.

-        Smith Meter®SyberTrol®.

-        Smith Meter®Net Oil and LACT Unit Flow Computer.


Line Accessories:


-        Control valves.

-        Strainers.

-        Air Eliminators.


Provers and related equipment:


-        Bidirectional.

-        Unidirectional.

-        Spheres and accessories.

-        Master meters.

Gas Measurements:

   -      Orifice meters.
   -      Ultrasonic meters.

   -      Sonar array processing-based surveillance technologies.
   -      Flow nozzles.

   -      Meter tubes.
   -      Venturi Tubes.

   -      Orifice Flange Unions.
   -      Other gas conditioning accessories and ancillary services.


 Loading and Transfer Systems:


   -      Truck / railway loading arms.
   -      Piggable System & Floating Suction Units.
   -      Marine Loading arms for liquid, gas and LNG application.




XL Systems provides large diameter conductor pipes with Flush OD/ID connection from 20"OD to 72" OD threaded directly into the tube body to allow more economic hole and pipe size combination.



XL Systems produces the widest range of large-bore connectors in the industry. The product line includes integral and weld-on connectors available in sizes ranging from 16 inches to 72 inches in diameter.

Backed by over two decades of research and testing, XL Systems continues to lead the industry in large OD connector technology.



XL Systems has established its position as an industry leader in large diameter connectors by developing new technologies that enhance product performance and value. The large bore integral threading process is unique in the industry.  Key technologies such as ViperLock anti-rotation, Stingray automated welding and ultrasonic phased array weld inspection allow XL Systems to deliver high performance connectors at competitive price levels.





Tideland is one of the largest manufacturers in the world of Navigational aids for lighthouses, ports, harbour authorities and oil & gas companies requirements.

Navaids equipments provided by Tideland:

   -     Signal lights, rotating beacons, and leading (range) lights.
   -     Buoys and moorings.
   -     Racons.
   -     Monitoring Systems and Remote Control for Navaids.
   -     Solar generators and modules, batteries, battery chargers and battery boxes.
   -     Support structures.
   -     Auxiliary equipment such as radar reflectors, daymarks, topmarks and transformers.




Equipment: All Seals Types For Floating Roof Tanks.

   -     Ptograph type mechanical seals.
   -     Lquid filled seals.
   -     Foam seals.
   -     Wax scrapers.
   -     Secondary seals.
   -     Roof seals.
   -     Roof drain hoses.
   -     Internal floating roof.



 Equipment: Tank Gauging & Accessories.

   -     Tank level gauges.
   -     Tank data transducers and sensors.
   -     Radar and Servo level gauges.
   -     Float level gauges.
   -     Tank gauging transmitters.
   -     Temperature and Pressure measurement equipment.
   -     Receivers / Interfaces and Systems.
   -     Alarm Systems.
   -     Gauge boards.
   -     Hydrostatic systems and Hybrid Systems.






Equipment: Internal Corrosion Monitoring systems.

   -     High pressure monitoring equipment.
   -     Low pressure monitoring equipment.
   -     Hydrogenic test for microbiology corrosion.




   -     Heat Exchangers.
   -     Vacuum Equipment.
   -     Condensers.
   -     Pressure Vessels.






   -     Hydraulic Cylinder (Jacks) and pumps.

   -     Bolting Tools – Hydraulic Bolt Tensioners, Torque Wrenches, Nut cutter, 

   -     Flange Spreaders, Flange Alignment Tools.

   -     Synchronous Lifting (PLC Controlled) / Synchronous Hoisting  (for Cranes).

   -     Presses.

   -     Pullers.

   -     Tools – Maintenance sets, Punches, Machine Lifts, Load Skates, Hydraulic Cutters,

         Pipe Benders.

   -    Accessories – Instruments Valves, Systems Components.




    -      Oil injected screw compressors.

    -      Oil free screw compressors.






Equipment:Terminal Automation Systems.


Design and supply of full automation systems for terminals and SCADA systems (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition System) for Pipelines and production terminals.





Equipment: LPG & LNG Tank Accessories.


    -      Liquefied gas safety products.

    -      Emergency relief valves.
    -      Gauging System for LPG & LNG tanks.
    -      Control Panel for Spherical Tanks handling LPG.




Equipment: Package Builder.

     -      Turbo-compressor controls.
     -       Industrial turbine controls.
     -       Instrumentation, control and electronics for large offshore compressor  modules.
     -       Gas flow measurement, regulation, reduction and filtration modules.
     -       Offshore single lift electric power generation modules.
     -       Process control, power distribution modules.
     -       Pneumatic process, safety and shutdown controls for oil and gas production.
     -       Modular / integrated well head controls.





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